The basic criteria that define the success of an organisation’s performance are:

1. Deliver as agree
2. Be efficient with resources
3. Don’t over-work your people

This means an organisation must focus on three future Results:

1. DELIVERY – of product + services
2. FINANCIAL – utilisation, operating margins + profit.
3. PEOPLE – workload, stress, wellbeing + health


Effort Outcomes: 3 Way Balancing Act. DELIVERY, FINANCIAL, PEOPLE in Effort Management

.This 3-way balancing act is an organisation’s most fundamental mission.

The problem is that conventional workforce planning forecasts only the gap between supply and demand.  It will not directly reveal the workforce’s ability deliver,  how efficiently you are using people resources or at what  intensity you will ask your people to work.

However, imagine if there were actionable insights that could:

1. Forecast workforce performance

2. Recommend interventions that optimise

3. Show the impact that change could bring for delivery, financial and people results

These actionable insights would enable an organisation to balance Outcomes and better control workload by crushing workforce inefficiencies.  As a result, workplace stress and poor delivery could be more than halved,  while profits are doubled*.

These actionable insights are possible using the Effort Management Theorem and Advanced Effort Management analysis.


* where the cost impact of workforce inefficiencies exceed an operating margin.

How To Harness Effort Management

RESRODEL is the ‘resource role model’  that leverages the power

of the Effort Management Theorem (EMT)  + Advanced Effort Management (AEM) analysis

Resro.OPT analysis  uses AEM

for optimising

all your workforces

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Resro.ACT software  uses EMT

for balancing people + work

in activity based enterprises

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