How much can your people deliver?


How efficiently will you use your people?


How hard will your people have to work?

How well do you optimise your workforces’

delivery, utilisation and workload?

Plan + Optimise Your Workforces

Use Resrodel Solutions

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OPTIMISE all workforce types

Forecast performance at all levels
+ recommend interventions

Optimise your Roles + Teams + Units + Organisations

ResroOPT is world first, whole of organisation,
workforce analysis for all organisation types

Understand + optimise your workforces
better than your finance

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Plan + Allocate + Balance

ACTIVITY based workforces

Manage your Roles + People + Projects

ResroACT is resource/workforce management
SaaS software for project-based enterprises
PMOs, contractors, consultancies, software teams

Balance your people + project work

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Only 7% of managers believe their workforces are optimised

Impact of doing nothing…

  • 1 in 4 workers feel burnout most of the time

  • 40% of workplace stress is due to workload

  • 25% of the reasons projects fail is due to poor resource/workforce management

  • Consultancies accept 80% utilisation knowing just 5% more could add more than 20% to profits

  • 10 -15% of world’s GDP is lost from poor workplace wellbeing and health​

Why RESRODEL was created

RESRODEL is the ‘resource role model’ built to tackle the carnage and waste of poor effort management.  Resro.ACT was built specifically for activity-based workforces.  Resro.OPT was created to provide profound insights and recommendations for any workforce.    Hear why it’s founder had to bring these solutions to market.

Alex James Effort Management

How RESRODEL solutions work

RESRODEL is dedicated to the analysis and success of human effort

We do this using Effort Management (EM)

EM is fundamental for forecasting and optimising workforce Outcomes and realising Opportunities

EM integrates workforce/capacity planning + workforce allocation processes

to complete  your workforce management needs.

Resro.ACT is for balancing people + work in activity based workforces

Resro.OPT is for optimising all your workforces

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Subscribe from $40 per month (USD)

User Roles

RESRODEL works across an entire enterprise and will enable multiple participants in your organisations effort management mission.  Which roles relate to you?

Workforce & Resources Managers

RESRODEL has been built to relieve Workforce & Resource Managers of the burden of data-handling, analysis and communication. Capability Planning or Resource Allocation can become overwhelming when undertaken in a Project Based Enterprise due the project environment and complexity.

Enterprise Managers

Managers must predict and steer their PBEs knowing that they will have the right number of people to deliver projects, avoid overworking people and generate financial performance. It’s essential to use Capability Planning and Resource Allocation, not just judgement, when managing many people.

HR Managers

HR’s information is essential for managing people numbers and work. Equally, project operation information is essential for HR. With increasingly contracted and dispersed workforces working in a project-like way, PBEs need better ways to efficiently manage people numbers and work.

Order analysis ($POA)

Subscribe from $40 per month (USD)