User Roles

RESRODEL works across your entire enterprise and enables the necessary participation of multiple roles in the effort management mission. 

It makes it easy and fast for everyone to contribute information. And it makes it easy and fast for everyone to get the answers they need. HR, project operations or management accounting workstreams each have a critical interest in the management of effort.

RESRODEL creates direct lines of communication and empowers everyone involved in a project based enterprise.

Answers needed

  • What will our utilisation be?
  • Does this project have the people it needs?
  • Will we overwork our people?
  • Can the enterprise deliver all its obligations?

Information contributed

  • Demand for people
  • Where people will work
  • People’s availability

Workforce Planner or Resource Manager

RESRODEL has been built to relieve Workforce & Resource Managers of the burden of data-handling, analysis and communication. Capability Planning or Resource Allocation can become overwhelming when undertaken in a Project Based Enterprise due the project environment and complexity.   Learn much more…

Enterprise Manager

AManagers must predict and steer their PBEs in the knowledge that they will have the right number of people to deliver projects, avoid overworking people and generate financial performance. It’s essential to use Capability Planning or Resource Allocation, not judgement or intuition, when managing many people.

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HR Manager

HR’s information is essential for managing people numbers and work. Equally, project operation information is essential for HR. With increasingly contracted and dispersed workforces working in a project-like way, PBEs need better ways to efficiently manage people numbers and work.


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