HR Managers

The Human Resource Manager, often working with a team, is responsible for strategic and administrative management of an enterprise’s most vital resource – people. The HR workstream implements, monitors and changes the pool of people to match the strategic objectives and immediate operational needs of the enterprise.

The Situation

HR management can be particularly challenging in a Project Based Enterprise (PBE), like contractors or consultants, due to fluctuating nature of the project environment. HR’s information regarding people is essential for managing people numbers and work. Equally, project operation information is essential for HR to carry out its function.

Among HR’s many functions, those that relate to the mission of managing people numbers include:


  • Recruitment of permanent people and sourcing of contingent people
  • Monitoring people’s welfare and encouraging work-life balance
  • Transfers, between PBE sub-enterprises

  • Workforce planning (medium term and strategic)
  • Resource Allocation (also referred to as rostering or scheduling)

Workplaces and workforces are evolving and HR is on the frontline of change in determining who does the work and how it’s done. With increasingly contracted and dispersed workforces working in a project-like way, PBEs need better ways to efficiently manage people numbers and work.

RESRODEL is the ‘resource role model’ solution that embodies the new theorem we call Effort Management. Created specifically for PBEs, RESRODEL makes the HR Manager’s contribution more effective in ensuring that people, project delivery, and financial performance are planned to their potential.

The problems

There are many challenges managing people across a PBE. Putting aside the processes of Capability Planning and Resource Allocation (see also Workforce and Resource Managers), HR Managers still face significant challenges when playing their role in balancing people numbers with work. These can include:

  • Urgent requests for more people, driven by project urgency
  • Understanding the volume of upcoming transactions – either recruited or contracted – in changing people numbers
  • Advising project operations and workforce planning of intended changes to people numbers – such as leave and commencement dates.
  • Being confident Enterprise Managers (or Line Managers) have exhausted all options for sharing work and people across the PBE’s sub-enterprises before growing or reducing people numbers
  • Balancing staff and contractor/contingent proportions, particularly with the uncertainty of winning work
  • Discourage overworking people
  • Transparency of opportunities for transfer, or secondment, between the PBE’s sub-enterprises
  • Access to information and analysis that is well segmented into Roles, skills and locationsli>

Our Solutions

Effort Management challenges faced by HR Managers, or your team, will be dramatically simplified by using RESRODEL to:

  • Get earlier recruiting advice from PBE managers who act proactively, using decision ready analysis that justifies confidence.
  • See the medium and long-term gap, (deficit or surplus), between future Demand for people and people in the enterprise to appreciate the upcoming scale of change in people numbers.
  • Quickly update project operations and workforce planning of intended changes to people numbers – such as leave and commencement dates.
  • See upcoming utilisation and capability of the PBE’s sub-enterprises to check that all options for sharing work and people have been exhausted.
  • Plan the number of people to be recruited permanently with greater confidence, and leave uncertain numbers to the contracting of contingent people that can be quickly filled.
  • See the PBE’s planned capability and people’s allocation. This enables HR to appreciate future workload for the whole PBE and for individuals, and then intervene where appropriate.
  • Gain transparency of opportunities for people’s transfer, or secondment, between the PBE’s sub-enterprises.
  • Earlier project staffing from re-assignment and advice to recruiters or agencies
  • Easily analyse Roles, skills and locations with self-serve analysis that answers specific questions