Optimise Outcomes

Optimise Enterprise Outcomes for people, project delivery and financial performance using Effort Management analysis to predict workload, ability to deliver and efficiency. To improve delivery, crush waste and encourage work life balance, make your PBE’s potential your plan for performance.

The mission of every Project Based Enterprise (PBE) is to apply resources to work to produce outcomes. The aim is to do this as easily as is practically possible. The challenge lies in the fact that optimising Enterprise Outcomes for people, project delivery and financial performance is a 3-way balancing act. RESRODEL forecasts Enterprise Outcomes to empower PBE’s to see the future and take action early.

Enterprise Outcomes are successful when:

  • Projects deliver quality product on time (maintaining reputation)
  • Efficiency is achieved (leading to utilisation, value and profit)
  • People are not overworked (keeping work satisfying and sustainable)

RESRODEL predicts workload, ability to deliver and efficiency.

To steer a PBE’s future and be successful, managers can have a profound impact when they better understand the future Enterprise Drivers we call:

  • Capability – the ability to deliver on obligations, or opportunities
  • Utilisation – the efficient deployment of people
  • Assignment – the sufficient provision of people to work

These Drivers are interconnected. Maximise one and two others will be compromised and even PBEs with varying priorities must balance them. RESRODEL’s predictive metrics make this easy to do.

With enough time, managers don’t have to just settle for what’s Planned, because Enterprise Drivers always have Potential and the difference is the manager’s Opportunity. RESRODEL identifies PBE opportunities early enough to turn their potential into a high-performance plan.

RESRODEL is the ‘resource role model’ solution that embodies the new theorem we call Effort Management. Created specifically for Project Based Enterprises (PBEs), RESRODEL empowers PBEs to plan people numbers and project work efficiently, and take early action for optimal outcomes.

Managing a PBE’s future is…

…like running through fog, unable to see whether you will run into, or fall off, a mountain – of work!

Perils of Maximising One Outcome

If your PBE absolutely minimises its people numbers, it will reduce cost, increase efficiency and grow profit.

However, it will also compromise your ability to complete project deliverables on time – even when your people are forced to work excessively hard.

The problems

Effort Management is challenging for all PBEs, in the following ways:

Optimising Outcomes

  • It’s not easy to identify work and people that have not been allocated
  • It’s hard to collate information that inform Effort Management decisions.
  • Sometime such information is held in a manager’s head and is not recorded.
  • If recorded, information is often confined within the sub-enterprise
  • If shared, information is often incompatible for aggregation and whole of PBE analysis.
  • Its difficult to get up to date information early enough to pursue all opportunities
  • Its rare to have decision ready analysis and predictions for:
  • workload, ability to deliver and efficiency earlier
  • Enterprise potential
  • It’s difficult to make constant changes
  • It’s difficult to communicate change

Our Solutions

RESRODEL makes light work of Optimising Outcomes. This apparently complex challenge becomes quite straight-forward thanks to RESRODEL’s ability to:

  • Easily identify opportunities for improving Activities, Projects Roles, Individuals and sub-enterprises that have not been optimised.
  • Use the people that know the PBE’s information to contribute or update it straight into a central data system using RESRODEL’s dedicated modules for:
  • Sometime such information is held in a manager’s head and is not recorded.
  • Demand Estimation. This module has multiple methods to tally into a single source of truth
  • Capacity Prediction. This module tallies everyone’s varying availability
  • Tallying Allocation. This module is for transferring Role Demand into an individual’s Allocation , split it among several individuals or revise it.
  • Immediately receive decision ready analysis that:
  • Predicts Enterprise Drivers for Capability, Utilisation and Assignment analysis
  • Presents Potential from which Opportunity can be derived
  • Has Decision ready answers in table and chart format
  • Is self-selectable by the user as they determine what is pertinent, without having distract a specialist operator of the system
  • Enable root cause analysis
  • Provide a superior user experience, with spreadsheet like interface, that makes it easy for everyone to contribute or get the answers they need

Enterprise Outcomes

  • Project delivery – maximising time cost and quality delivery
  • Efficiency in the use of people in productive work
  • Minimise over working people