Self Service Analysis

Empower your people to get the information they need, when they need it.

Limited access to information hinders the successful management of people and work. Tailored reports, often prepared by ‘gatekeepers’, dramatically slow the flow of information and hinder decision making. RESRODEL addresses the problem by ensuring the information is available to satisfy the multi-criteria queries of all concerned.

RESRODEL’s core functions are to collate information, then predict and analyse the data that will relate to people and work. This data can be intense. Types of effort data include Demand, Capacity and Allocation. Types of Entity, with associated metadata, include Roles, Resources, Projects and Activities. Inputting such data can cause significant friction in a system that manages people numbers and work.

RESRODEL’s analysis includes the forecast of Enterprise Drivers for Capability, Utilisation and Assignment.

Effort management is a whole of enterprise mission, involving HR, project operations and management accounting workstreams. As everyone focuses on their own specific area of interest, there are over 100 questions that can be asked about the same data. This results in an infinite number of reports that slice, filter or group data for effort, entities and forecast metrics.

Though DIY spreadsheets, and other proprietary software, are used by PBE’s to manage people numbers and work, the access for entering data or extracting analysis is very limited. Multi-user access to spreadsheets is problematic. Use of proprietary software requires knowledge of that particular application. (Can you imagine an HR Manager trying to use Oracle Primavera P6 schedule software to extract the gap between supply and demand?). Consequently, many reports need to be extracted by one person who knows the system, and this ‘gatekeeper’ becomes a bottleneck.

Reports provided by a ‘gatekeeper’, even if issued routinely, dramatically slow information flow, data analysis and decision making. Furthermore, restrictions on access to information for managing people and work is a potential point of friction that can make matters worse.

RESRODEL is the ‘resource role model’ solution that embodies the new theorem we call Effort Management. Created specifically for PBEs, RESRODEL enables everyone to make their own multi criteria queries from the ‘resource role model’.