RESRODEL is dedicated to the success of human effort.  This becuase effort is the heart of all human productivity and vitally, it’s our most precious resource.

Good workforce management is difficult because the numbers are complex and methods have been confused.  As a result, gross inefficiencies lead to poor quality product delivered by stressed people; and/or low utilisation that erodes margins.

We believe this is totally unnecessary. We see a society that insists organisations treat  human effort with economy and respect.  No longer should over-working people be the soloution for poor workforce management.

We believe that technology combined  with sound workforce  principles have much more to offer the success of human effort. 

RESRODEL is the ‘resource role model’  that turns workforce complexity into actionable insights.   

RESRODEL is focussed providing organisation ways to plan, allocate and optimise their workforces.  RESRODEL wants to make it easier for organisations to care about their product, profit and people.