RESRODEL is the tool that enables you to apply the new principles of Effort Management across your entire enterprise. As a result, you’ll find it has valuable benefits to offer everyone who is involved in your enterprise mission at every stage of the process.

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People Number Planning

Plan ‘just enough people’ with RESRODEL’s Capability Planning function. Use best-in-class modules to quantify Demand and Capacity, and see the gap. Use Effort Management analysis to predict the future. Justify the resources you need and be assured of optimal outcomes.   Learn much more…

Allocate People & Work

Allocate people and work with RESRODEL’s Resource Allocation function. Use best-in-class modules to quantify Demand and Allocation, and see the gap. Use Effort Management analysis to predict the future. Be certain your projects will have the people they need.

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Optimise Outcomes

Optimise Enterprise Outcomes for people, project delivery and financial performance by using Effort Management analysis to predict workload, ability to deliver and efficiency. Crush waste and encourage work life balance, to make your PBE’s Potential your plan for performance.

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Share Work & People

Allocation of people to work is fundamental to efficiency. Simultaneous under-utilisation and over-utilisation in different sub-enterprises creates unnecessary waste. RESRODEL enables you to identify people and work that can be shared between sub-enterprises.   Learn much more…




Self Serve Analysis

Limited information access hinders the successful management of people and work. Tailored reports prepared by ‘gatekeepers’ dramatically slow information flow and decision making. RESRODEL enables everyone to make their own multi-criteria queries.   Learn much more…


Connect Schedule & HR Data

Use existing digital data by integrating it with RESRODEL. Your best practise tools, like programming and HR systems, have much of the data needed for managing people numbers and work. Use RESRODEL’s APIs to avoid double-handling and reporting delays.  Learn much more…

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