Connect Data

Make better use of what you already know

All the information needed to undertake Effort Management already exists in your Project Based Enterprise (PBE) – in one form or another.  It’s either in the mind of managers, project breakdown structures, schedules, estimates, proposals, leave applications, budgets, or payroll rosters.  Some is digital data, some is not. RESRODEL can collate your existing digital data (from your other best practise tools) by integrating it via RESRODELs API technology.

RESRODEL’s core functions are to collate information and analyse people and work data.   This data can be intense.  Types of effort data include Demand, Capacity and Allocation.  Types of Entity, with associated metadata, include Roles, Resources, Projects and Activities. The generation of such data can cause significant friction in a system that manages people numbers and work.  Transferring information manually is particularly frustrating and reduces currency of data.

Avoid the issue by integrating your existing data with RESRODEL’s Effort Management analysis.  Imagine a project planner being able to see the impact on a PBE’s capability, immediately after making a schedule change.

No Existing Digital Data? That’s okay too.

Information that is only in people’s the minds, or in data incompatible with Effort Management will need to be entered manually through RESRODEL’s developed best-in-class modules for estimating Demand, tallying Capacity and quantifying Allocation.

Potential data integrations could be with:
  • Schedules  (programming time)
    • Data Types: Activity ID, Start, Duration, Finish
    • Example  –  MS Project. Oracle Primavera P6, Asta
  • Human Capital Management
    • Data Types: People’s names, role classification, leave
    • Example:  Workday, PeopleSoft
  • Estimating Tools
    • Data Types:  Demand for roles
    • Example:  Hard Dollar, Candy,
  • Resource Allocators (rostering, shift scheduling)
    • Data Types:  Named people, activity allocation

Integration is subject to customer requirements, data structures and technology stack.