How much does it cost you not being able to optimise

the future performance of your entire workforce 

OPTIMISE all workforce types

  • Forecast Performance

  • Report + analyse all levels

  • Recommend interventions

ResroOPT is world first, whole of organisation workforce  analysis

for all organisation types


Understand + optimise your organisations’ workforces

better than your finances

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Only 7% of managers believe their workforces are optimised!

Here’s how Resro.OPT will optimise your workforces

Forecast Performance

Predict workforce OUTCOMES


 so you know where you are going

Forecast workforce Ability, Efficiency, Intensity Outcomes.  Effort Management Theorem in ResroOPT.
Forecast Workforce Opportunities

Visualise OPPORTUNITIES to improve


so you know your imperfections

Expose the COST IMPACT

of unrealized OPPORTUNITIES

so you can justify priorities

Forecast Cost Impact of Unrealised Opportunities

Report + analyse all levels

Compare workforces by Roles, Team, or Units to visualise the weak and strong

Compare workforces at a glance

Contrast the strong with the weak

so you can prove their differences

Aggregate forecasts up into

teams, business units, the whole organisation

so you can drive accountability at all levels

Aggregate Outcomes and Opportunities into Teams, Units, the entire organisation
Drill down through all levels  of your organisation to visualise OPPORTUNITIES to optimise your workforce

Drill down into your organisation

to visualise OPPORTUNITIES

so you can understand where to intervene

Recommend Interventions

Use 7 different recommended interventions

e.g. TRANSFER  people or work

so you OPTIMISE your workforce

Get 7 different recommended interventions that

Interventions that Optimise

There are 9 ways to optimise your workforces.  The best interventions depend on your organisation’s structure, people’s transferability and workforce controls.  Set ResroOPT to recommend which interventions work for you.

  1. Split work between people
  2. Stretch effort with reasonable overtime.
  3. Transfer – surplus to deficit of people or work
  4. Horizontal Agility – use other capabilities
  5. Vertical Agility – Junior roles done by senior people

6. Transition – reskill people into new roles
7. Onboard – recruit or contingent labour
8. Increase or reduce work
9. Downsize – reduce people numbers, only if necessary

Impact of doing nothing

40% of workplace stress is due to workload

1 in 4 workers feel burnout most of the time

10 -15% of world’s GDP is lost from poor workplace wellbeing and health

Who Should Use Resro.OPT?

ResroOPT is for organisations that care about their people, product and profit
Organisations should use ResroOPT to drive ‘business as usual’ improvements
and respond to major disruptions like M&A events – and pandemics.


ResroOPT is for organisations that know how many people they will need, have and use.

Organisations with 20 or 20,000 people can be inefficient and will benefit from ResroOPT.


How Resro.OPT works

ResroOPT is world first, whole of organisation, workforce analysis

It’s based on Advanced Effort Management (AEM) + 

the Effort Management Theorem that was developed by RESRODEL.

Essentially AEM combines the potential of Workforce Planning with the intent Workforce Allocation

AEM can be used with scheduled/rostered, activity-based and positional workforce types 

Resro.OPT uses Effort Profiles for Role DEMAND, CAPACITY and ALLOCATION.

Effort profiles can be sourced from ResroACT, other workforce management solutions, related business systems such as ERPs, HCMS or CRMs, or prepared in spreadsheets.

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