RESRODEL is the ‘resource role model’ software solution.

It’s an online solution for efficiently balancing people and work. By crunching sizeable data and managing complex relationships between Work, Roles and Resources, it brings order to complexity.

Single or multiple users can access RESRODEL via internet browser from any location. This ensures it is constantly available to all participants in an enterprise’s Effort Management mission.

Primarily, RESRODEL is an analyser of effort, time, and data using our unique principles of Effort Management. It generates table and chart reports that provide exceptionally simple summaries of the planned future for Roles, Resources and Projects.

By necessity, RESRODEL also collates effort data and timing. As the generation of effort data is a significant friction point, RESRODEL has developed best-in-class modules for estimating Demand, tallying Capacity and quantifying Allocation.

Alternatively, some customers may wish to collate data by integrating RESRODEL API technology with other best practise solutions – particularly for time, availability and estimate data.

Imagine a project planner being able to see the impact on an enterprise’s capability, immediately after making a schedule change.

RESRODEL’s unique features include:

  • End to end Effort Management sequencing that is easy to follow
  • Modules for collating effort:
  • Demand, Capacity, Allocation
  • Multiple methods for estimating Demand and activity Duration, depending on the user preferences
  • Data entry using spreadsheet-like tables
  • Tables and chart analysis that forecast Capability, Utilisation and Assignment metrics
  • User ‘self-service’ selection of enterprise elements where data is entered and analysis extracted
  • User choice of ‘Units per Period’ data combinations – e.g. Hours per Day, FTE per Month