Project Managers – Welcome to RESRODEL!

Project Managers can be confident that your most important resource – people – are being managed and your project will succeed.

Key Benefits specifically for Project Managers

  • Predict your ability to deliver your projects
  • Quickly estimate project Demand for people
  • Communicate your project’s resource needs
  • Improve certainty of delivery
  • Improve financial performance
  • Avoid excessive workloads that cause poor performance
  • Get visibility of people’s work allocations
  • Use business rules for allocating people
  • Act earlier with confidence

Get enormous benefit from simple analysis


Remove poor estimating and resource management as a major cause of project failure


No more spreadsheets

Managing Projects

If you’re a Project Manager, having the people you need, when you need them, is critical to your project’s success.

You know that:

  • With too few people – you’ll fail to deliver on time
  • Overwork people – you’ll deliver poor quality product
  • With too many people – you’ll burn your budget

Getting just the right number of people for your project, can be hard.

Challenges You and Your Project Can Face

  • Difficulty getting certainty your project will get the people it needs, when needed.
  • Keeping up with constant change and so knowing when you need people.
  • Identifying people (or work) in other projects, or business units, that could be shared.
  • Predicting and explaining the impact an inadequate number of people will have on your project.
  • How to quickly and consistently estimate how many people your project needs, and when.
  • Identifying people with excessive workload, particularly if working on multiple projects.
  • Advising all task data (what, when, budget) to your project’s people, for self-management.
  • Getting consensus for which people are allocated to your projects, particularly in cross functional enterprises.

Predicting the future is hard, particularly in project based enterprises, because the numbers are complex and methods confused.


Human effort is at the heart of all project productivity. And Effort Management is at the heart of the ‘resource role model’ that we call RESRODEL.

RESRODEL is not just a tool for projects, but a productivity solution for enterprises with projects, like PMO’s, that surpasses conventional workforce planning and resource management.

Ways RESRODEL Can Help You

  • Check that the people your project needs have been allocated.
  • See changes to your resource needs, by easily updating new timelines (or integrating scheduling tools).
  • Find surplus people (or work), in other projects or business units, that could be shared
  • Predict your ability to deliver your projects, based on people’s allocation.
  • Quickly estimate your projects’ Demand for people, in a variety of ways.
  • Check your project’s people for excessive workloads, particularly if working on multiple projects.
  • People can access tasks data (what, when, budget) for all their projects, enabling greater self- management.
  • Set up business rules for Proposing, Agreeing and Accepting the allocation of people to work.

Simplify a vital task for managing your project’s success.