Leaders of Consultancies – Welcome to RESRODEL!

For the first time, Consultancies can truly thrive when they optimise people, project delivery and financial outcomes.

Key Benefits specifically for Leaders of Consultancies

  • Predict your consultancy’s future performance
  • Compare your business units’ future performance
  • Predict ability to deliver and people’s workload
  • Crush waste & identify opportunities to do better
  • Improve financial performance & competitiveness
  • Improve project delivery
  • Avoid excessive workloads that cause poor performance
  • Plan just enough people
  • Act earlier with confidence
  • Maximise sharing of work & people between business units

Get enormous benefit from simple analysis
Just a 5% lift in utilisation can add more that 20% to your consultancy’s bottom line!

Leading a Consultancy

If you’re the Leader of project based enterprise like a consultancy, you’re accountable for everyone’s collective performance.

You know that:

  • With too many people – you’ll waste money
  • With too few people – you’ll fail to deliver on time
  • Overwork people – you’ll exhaust and alienate them poor quality product

Driving performance by optimising people numbers and work, is hard.

Challenges You and Your Enterprise Can Face

  • Difficulty getting predictions of your consultancy’s future performance, with sufficient time to act.
  • Comparing your business units by predicted performance.
  • Identifying waste and opportunities to do better (i.e. utilisation & delivery).
  • Maximising efficiency by sharing work people between business units
  • Finding ways to continuously improve performance and competitive advantage
  • Having a single robust system, for your whole consultancy, to better balance people, project and financial outcomes.

Predicting the future is hard, particularly in project based enterprises, because the numbers are complex and methods confused.

Ways RESRODEL Can Help You

  • Summary reports predict your consultancy’s workload, utilisation and ability to deliver.
  • Locates and quantifies unrealised opportunities to do better. (i.e. difference between your plan & potential)
  • Predicted performance is broken down by business units, for comparison.
  • Bridges the gap between just being effective and being efficient, for continuous improvement.
  • Identifies surplus work and people that can be shared between business units.
  • RESRODEL is a single system for everyone to contribute and extract information to optimise outcomes.

Grow your consultancy’s productivity and simplify its management.