What Is Poor Effort Management (EM) Costing You?

Avoiding the toll on your Profit, Projects and People is key to your organisation’s success.

We all know managing work and people’s effort (resource management) in Project-Based Enterprises (PBEs), has major challenges.

Did you know there are actually 12 Challenges?

You’ll find them in your organisation’s culture, processes and information, compounding into problems that make conventional ‘resource management’ just too hard.

Successful organisations solve their ‘resource management’ problems by managing actual effort.

The first step on your journey toward effective Effort Management (EM) is understanding what the 12 Challenges are that all Project-Based Enterprises (PBEs) face.

Master the 12 Challenges for long term success.

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You will quickly see what challenges your organisation has addressed, and what challenges still need to be addressed. With this awareness you can then make smart decisions moving forward.

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12 Challenges of Effort Management (EM) for Project Based Enterprises (PBE)

Understand why managing human effort, your most precious resource, is so hard in Project Based Enterprises (PBEs) like consultancies, contractors, PMOs, agencies, software developers…and any other enterprise with projects.