Effort Management – Old

Effort Management is a new paradigm that combines processes of workforce capability planning and resource allocation.

In so doing, it provides powerful insights into an enterprise’s future, and enables earlier intervention to ensure successful outcomes.

Effort Management is highly applicable to Project Based Enterprises (PBE’s) such as consultancies, PMO’s, contractors and software developers, , due to the complexities of the project environment. For many enterprises, this multi-dimensional challenge has proven too daunting. That’s understandable. One could liken it to juggling a varying number of balls while bouncing on a trampoline!

But that is about to change.

For projects to be successful, Project Outcomes of time, cost and quality will only be achieved with the sufficient provision of people. For a PBE to be successful, Enterprise Outcomes of people, project delivery and financial performance must be balanced and optimised.

And this is where Effort Management is key.

The management of people and project work in a PBE is a whole of enterprise mission, as it involves the workstreams of HR, project operations and management accounting, . That is to say, its purpose is to ensure the effective use of people across the entire enterprise, on all of its projects, while achieving whole of enterprise performance.

How is this achievable?

RESRODEL. This ‘Resource Role Model’ software is the first application of Effort Management principles to predict and resolve the complex challenges of enterprise project management.