Effort Management

Effort Management is a new paradigm that combines the planning and allocation of people and work to enable optimised outcomes for people, delivery and financial performance.

What is Effort Management?

Imagine always meeting your commitments, balancing work-life and increasing profits.

Effort Management (EM) is the process of planning, allocating and optimising people and work  – using quantified effort 

Human effort is precious, and should be as important to an Enterprise as financial and material resources.  Because human effort is at the heart of all human productivity.  

People contribute their time to enterprises, applying ‘effort’.  Effort is commonly quantified in units of hours, days, weeks or months.  Workforce Planning, Workforce Management or Resource Management analysis are all based on varying Types of Effort.

Types of Effort occur in the past, present and future and can be a need, availability or allotment.  At any time in the future, the relationship between Types of Effort will predict an enterprises’ outcomes.  This relationship is known as the Effort Management Theorem.  

How is this achievable?

RESRODEL is the ‘Resource Role Model’ that embodies the Effort Management Theorem.  It’s purpose is to simplify the complex challenge of modelling people and work, and predict outcomes for people, project delivery and financial performance.   


Effort Management (EM) is highly applicable to Project-Based Enterprises (PBE’s) such as consultancies, PMO’s, contractors and software developers. This is due to the complexities of project environments.  RESRODEL is not a just a project tool, but a solution for the whole enterprise.

Why use Effort Management?

For many PBE’s, this multi-dimensional challenge has proven too daunting and sub-optimal outcomes are written off as ‘business as usual’ and ‘the cost of doing business’.  Imagine always meeting your commitments, balancing work-life and increasing profits.