How often do you have stressed people

deliver poor quality projects late;

or does low utilisation erode your margins




ACTIVITY based workforces

ResroACT is resource/workforce management online software

dedicated to project-based enterprises

 Deliver more + increase operating margins + reduce worker stress

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Impact of doing nothing

>25% of the reasons projects fail is from poor resource/workforce management

Resource management is the 4th greatest challenge and difficulty for projects

80% of PMOs are without dedicated tools

Here’s how Resro.ACT will balance your Activity-based workforce

Get answers to critical questions

Can we deliver our obligations, or opportunities?

What will our team’s utilisation be?

Are we working our people too hard?

Gather the effort data you need

Estimate project Demand for Roles

Tally people’s availability for Roles

Allocate people to tasks

Key benefits of RESRODEL

  • Plan just enough people
  • Locate people efficiently
  • Make justifiable decisions earlier
  • Improve project delivery

  • Improve financial performance

  • Reduce excessive workloads

  • Optimise contracted & dispersed workforces

  • Share work & people

  • Simple access for everyone

How Resro.ACT works

Resro.ACT is online resource/workforce management software

Resro.ACT addresses the challenge of managing activity based workforces.
It has unique modules for estimating role Demand, tallying Capacity and Allocating people to work.
Its powerful analytics let you forecast performance at the role, activity, project, program and location level.
Resro.ACT is perfectly suited to cross functional organisations.

Resro.ACT is based on the Effort Management Theorem that was developed by RESRODEL.
Effort Management integrates workforce/capacity planning + workforce allocation processes to complete your workforce management needs.

Who Should Use ResroACT

Resro.ACT is for project-based enterprises (PBE’s) that care about their people, projects and profit
Resro.ACT is for PBE’s that should know how many people they need, have and use
PBE’s use Resro.ACT to plan to have just enough project people in their organisation

Organisations with just 20 people can struggle
with stressed people that deliver poor quality projects; or low utilisation

Enterprises that use ResroACT

Resro.ACT can be used by the following organisation types

or any part of an organisation that does activity-based work


Consultancies provide specialist advice, services, deliverables or people to other enterprises. Utilisation is critical and delivery performance is essential. With finite people numbers, Capability Planning and Resource Allocation is vital for performance maximisation.



Program Management Offices reside within larger organisations to drive efficiency across multiple projects, often from a portfolio. As resource management is a key function of PMOs, Capability Planning and Resource Allocation are essential to their success.


Contractors / Builders

Contractors produce physical assets or systems for asset owners. With large workforces on multiple sites, Capability Planning and Resource Allocation is vital to achieve staff utilisation and ensure there are sufficient people to deliver projects.


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Subscribe from $40 per month (USD)