Our Difference

RESRODEL is not simply an evolution of conventional workforce planning and resource management. It’s a great deal more than that.

RESRODEL is based on a game changer  we call ‘Effort Management’.  This shift fundamentally overturns long held assumptions.  How?

Firstly, let’s look at conventional analysis.  Existing software solutions, at best, calculate only the gap between ‘supply’ and ‘demand’.  Effectively, this is just two-way balancing act. When really, thorough analysis should be a 3-way balancing act of outcomes for project delivery, people and financial performance.  Because there are more Types of Effort than just ‘supply’ and ‘demand’.  Consequently, your analysis will not answer all the questions.  As a result, you can experience and frustration, if not painful outcomes.

Secondly, DIY spreadsheets come without a method. Wastefully, they take days to build, can break in seconds and are hard to share.

Thirdly, Project-Based Enterprises (PBE’s) are unique.  Because the ‘demand’ for people is contained in discrete activities that have a definitive start and finish.

Fortunately, Effort Management is a true alternative that addresses all of these problems.

Uniquely, RESRODEL predicts workload, ability to deliver and efficiency.  So now, PBEs can optimise outcomes in a three-way balancing act. This shift, to three balancing act, is at the heart of Effort Management.

RESRODEL supports a whole of enterprise mission. This is achieved by  providing immediate access to everyone from HR, project operations and accounting work-streams.

RESRODEL simple user interface makes it easy to contribute or extract relevant information.  This is achieved, with best-in-class data modules that enable the accurate collation of Demand, Capacity and Allocation.  Furthermore, RESRODEL’s table and charts analysis brings decision-making data to life enabling early action to be taken.

It’s not so much an evolution as a revolution.